„SOLAIO SVELTO“ is a polypropylene formwork which when used together with lattice beams creates lightened floors with very fast installation in both new buildings and renovations.

Features and Advantages

„SOLAIO SVELTO“ takes the place of traditional brick or lightweight concrete hollow blocks. It is a convenient and quick system that creates a high-performance floor with a lower structural weight and also allows the passage of wiring and small tubes. The module has a good resistance to fire. On request, it can be produced in versions of class 1 and 0 for use in public buildings without a false ceiling.

„SOLAIO SVELTO“ is manufactured so that the modules engage with each other. Thanks to its lightness, handling is easy and the job of workers is thus facilitated, with significant savings in labour costs: a team of three men can lay up to 200 square meters of floor per day.

„SOLAIO SVELTO“ , designed with the needs that occur on site in mind, is designed to be easily cut lengthwise and widthwise if necessary:

• An element made of polypropylene called SHOULDER which, at the beginning and end of each row, ensures the closure in order to carry out the pouring of the concrete cover to avoid overflow;

„SOLAIO SVELTO“ has excellent mechanical strength and solidity. The module is safe and once the shoring of the floor at the beams has been performed, it bears the weight of the workers and concrete without any problems. Once the elements have been installed, a suitable mesh is placed above them and the casting of the concrete cover can proceed. If necessary, both thermal and acoustic insulation can be inserted in the floor layers.

  • floors of residential buildings
  • floors of warehouses and prefabricated buildings
  • floors of garages and cellars
  • floors of intermediate floors
  • floors of attics
  • floor covering for pitched roofs
  • floors for cemetery buildings
  • floors for cold storage constructions
  • plumbing spaces
Laying method