„Aquatic“floorpanels are an absolute innovation in the interior design.

The panels are made of polyethylene and aluminum and are waterproofed (completely water-repellent) and printed. They have a thickness of 3 mm. and are protected in order to be heat-, pressure-, humidity-, water- and detergents-resistant. They are light-weight and easy to be cut and perforated.

They can be stuck with two-component epoxy adhesive as any type of floor. The maximum size of one piece is cm.200x305, but we can join more panels or cut them to size, in order to fit perfectly with your spaces. They have dull and non-slip finishes.

We are able to furnish any floor with uniqueness and, as our panels can even be immersed, they are suitable for swimmimg pools, saunas, spas walls and flooring, garnishing your environment with attracting images.

The panels are fully customizable with your own pictures or chosen in our databases with 20 millions of images: every customer can select the subject, the colours (RAL) and the sizes which suit his environment and based on his budget.

Handling the PANELS

The average weight of the Wallpanels is 2.7 Kg/sqm, so they can be easily carried manually; however, we recommend complying with the following instructions for cutting and perforating Wallpanels is lightweight and easy to handle, therefore easy to cut and perforate.

To cut Wallpanels you can use the same tools and machinery Utilized for cutting wood (e.g. circular or radial saws, jigsaws water jet cutters). To perform accurate or complex shaped cuts, we recommend using the PANTOGRAPH.

To perforate the Wallpanels , if the holes to obtain have a diameter exceeding 8 mm. we recommend using hollow cutters mounted on a drill or grinder.

In case of holes with diameter lower than 8 mm, the manual perforation can be carried out with iron tips. We recommend not perforating close to the edges. For holes performed on site, the area around the hole must be sealed when installing.

We recommend not using the drill to perforate sheets and to pay attention to their corners, which must be protected with special plastic angular, during every handling phase.

Instructions for installation

„Aquatic“is perfect for installation on existing fl ooring and allows recovering the old surfaces by renovating environments and reducing time and discomfort typical of renovations without demolitions. Aquatic is suitable to be installed on swimming pools/spas fl oors, but not used on areas with a heavy “traffi c”.

Instruction for installation on existing floor

Before installing, ensure that the existing fl oor is perfectly dry, stable and correctly fastened to the bottom and that there are no moving or removable parts, which can compromise the snug fi t of the panels. It is also recommended to check that the support which will be anchored to Aquatic is perfectly fl at; the test of fl atness must be performed with a straight edge (at least 2 m long). Any cracked or detached tile, even partially, shall be removed and the gaps that will be created following their removal shall be fi lled with special cement products.

Installation method

  • Apply the adhesive according to the method of double coating to ensure optimal and avoid the forming of any voids.
  • Spread entirely the adhesive on the pre-existing using a spatula with teeth of max. 6 mm.
  • Spread the adhesive also on the back of the tile using a spatula with teeth of max. 3 mm.


We recommends using Aquatic as part of restructuring or laying on pre-existing fl oors. For installation directly on the substrate the optimal execution, the perfect seasoning of the screed and fi nally a professional installation are needed.

As adhesive, we recommend glues that provide greater sealing, especially on large-format, using specifi c highperformance adhesives such as “Mapei” KERAPOXY, ”SIGILFLEX” elasticizing admixture for swimming pools or other two-component epoxy adhesive with the same features. The choice of the adhesive must conform to the type of tile (fl oor or wall), the format, the conditions of installation and operation and shall provide an optimal “wetting”.

It ‘s absolutely essential to ensure the total glue fi lling between support and tile, in order to avoid any void that can weaken the panels.

Joints and sealing

When installing we recommend using a seal between one panel and the other, always without joints. To optimize the impermeability of the product, we recommend plastering the external perimeter using transparent polyurethane seal.


Cleaning and ordinary maintenance

Ordinary maintenance of AqUATICPANELS does not require special operations, except the use of water and neutral detergents. For ordinary cleaning, we recommend not using wax products or oily soaps. For evident or diffi cult stains, more aggressive detergents can be used, diluted according to the type of dirt to be removed, complying with the instructions indicated on the package.


  • renewing pre-existing surfaces
  • insulating panel
  • mechanical resistant
  • healthy surface
  • easy to be cut and perfored
  • totally impermeable
  • non-toxic surface
  • low specifi c gravity
  • 3 mm. thickness and high rigidness
  • customizable artworks
  • modularity and big sizes
  • heat resistant
  • 30 million pictures
  • RAL colors on demand
  • weight 2.7 Kg/sqm